There are two things I love from the female contingent of the Trump appearance in Poland today (aside from Trump’s speech, over which I had hearts in my eyes and a hand over my heart).

First of all, much like how the speech used events in Polish history to illustrate modern problems faced by both our nations, Melania’s dress calls back to Polish traditional dress, but in a sleek, modern way. The bright, bold stripe and graphic design, and shape of the skirt reflect Poland, but reinterpreted in a very Melania fashion with a simple silhouette.

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The print on Melania’s skirt also appears to be pieced, rather than printed, which adds an interesting dimensionality.

Secondly, look at that color palette! How cohesive, yet everyone is distinct!

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The two men stand united in similar suits, but are clearly distinct entities as labeled by the colors of their ties and the pins on their lapels. Separate nations, with a common understanding.

Unlike the Dudas, who are lovely people I’m sure but who are wearing their own colors with no call-between, Melania and Trump are visually tied together by a stripe of red. They tend to color coordinate, which I find incredibly endearing.

Melania is the one to unite everyone visually, drawing together the bright pink of Agata Kornhauser-Duda’s suit, the red of Trump’s tie, and (if you squint) the blue of Duda’s.

I wonder if President Trump and Agata Kornhause-Duda swapped hair color secrets.