I wasn’t going to do another post on Melania in Paris because I don’t want this to become a blog that’s all Melania all the time, but look! Look at this! This magnificent deployment of a bright red, New Look-inspired suit. She completely BTFOs Madame Macron. Melania comes across as more chic than the actual French woman!

Next to her, Madame Macron looks like she’s a “cool mom” cosplaying as a nurse.

Notice also the differences in posture between the two women. Melania is standing tall, with one ankle slightly arched to create a more graceful line; Macron is slightly hunched, jutting her chin forward, with her hand plastered to the side of her thigh.

Melania’s suit has more surface area, which commands more attention. Since it’s also lots of RED surface area, which pulls the eye even more.

Plus Melania is wearing sunglasses, which add that air of mystery and glamour.

She is demure, glamourous, and patriotic.

And all eyes are on her.


In a recent YouTube video, Justine LeConte talked about color theory as applied to our wardrobes. Justine talks about Melania for always sending a clear message with her style. Specifically talking about color, she cited the pale blue coat at the inauguration and the white dress with a thin red belt at the inaugural ball. I wasn’t convinced with only two examples, but after yesterday’s post and the photo above, coupled with her bright pink pussy-bow blouse at one of the debates last year, I’m convinced. Melania knows what she’s doing.

For a First Lady, she conveys her solidarity with her husband in her actions, her words, and in the way she presents herself. Whether it’s  wearing the complementing blue to his red and white, or literally wearing the sartorial version of “pussy,” the word that the media was beating into the public consciousness in an attempt to stop him, Melania dresses in a way that ties her to Trump.

Melania always impeccably polished and appropriate, in a way that complements the Trump brand. Her clothes are never ostentatious, but they scream “I’m rich,” which strikes me as a balance between her quieter personality and his habit of flamboyance.

So while she visually ties herself to her husband in a show of solidarity, she clearly has her own point of view. This seems to bear out with the interviews I’ve watched of her, where she thoughtfully provides input behind the scenes.

At first, when I got the idea to write about Melania Trump’s fashion because certain other fashion bloggers refuse to, I wasn’t sure what I would write about. It’s becoming quite clear that Melania knows exactly what she’s doing, and I’m looking forward to chronicling it. I’m ready to decipher her style messages.

We have a professional fashion rhetorician in the house, ladies and gentlemen.