I should probably post about Milo at the VMAs yesterday, because 1. HOW DID HE GET AN INVITE? and 2. his hair was, as usual, amazing. But why talk about Milo when you could talk about the Slavic Wife of our God Emperor?

First up, a green dress with orange pumps. In theory, that sounds ghastly.

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In reality, it’s less ghastly but I’m still not totally sure I’m on board with it. I get that it matches the orange trim of the dress, so it’s not totally out of left field, but orange and green is a really tough color combination to pull off, for anyone. And, I appreciate her bringing some style to her shoes, unlike Catherine across the pond who wears the same boring shoes over and over again.

Overall, the look works. She’s giving off major MILF vibes.

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Next up, an outfit that reminds me of Jackie O. It’s been worn a thousand times by a thousand different types of women, and really it’s nothing to write home again. Cropped pants, ballet flats, blouse.

Melania is doing shades of pink. She tends to stay within one color family for an outfit, the “column of color” idea (except for when she doesn’t, see above). What gets me is that she takes such a steady outfit idea, and manages to look COOL wearing it.

Those sunglasses were an inspired purchase. They add just the right amount of edge to an outfit without being too outside-the-box.

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She also does a great job of setting herself apart from the two men surrounding her–both in blue and white.

PS. I kind of love that Barron is wearing Gucci loafers.