For those of us who have “taken the red pill,” we know that one area of skepticism leads to another, which leads to another, which…

Jordan Pearson of Vice’s Motherboard is just now learning that lesson. He wrote an article on the circle of Carnivores within the Bitcoin sphere, which is significantly large enough to attract attention.

For the Bitcoin carnivore, there is a kind of metaphysical parallel between decentralized digital ledgers and an imagined idea of what our ancestors ate, and by extension, how they lived. Politics, food, and money—it’s all connected.

“The 20th century was disastrous for human health and wealth, and the rise of central banking and industrial food was clearly a major reason why,” Michael Goldstein, founder of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute and a vocal Bitcoin carnivore, wrote me in an email. “Bitcoin is a revolt against fiat money, and an all-meat diet is a revolt against fiat food.”

The implication of “fiat” is that modern money and modern foods are both artificial, and Bitcoin carnivorism supposedly solves this problem. Goldstein has been a dedicated carnivore since 2015, he told me, and eats “only from the animal kingdom, and mostly fat.” When I asked him to spell out the apparent Bitcoin-carnivory-libertarianism trifecta at play, Goldstein responded, “Once you put on the They Live glasses, you can’t take them off,” referring to the 1988 film in which a drifter finds a pair of sunglasses that when worn reveal the world is controlled by evil aliens.

It seems self-evident to me now, but yes — of course — everything is connected. Parallels systems exist in many different aspects of human activity. And yes, the people who self-select to think outside the system, and even live outside the system, are generally intelligent enough to apply their insights to multiple domains.

I love the reference to They Live, seeing how there’s a screenshot from the movie as one of my header images.

Speaking of self-selection, the author unwittingly reinforces the whole point of off-road thinking with this snide aside from the mainstream nutrition community:

(I reached out to a couple of well-known nutritionists for this article. One responded in an email, saying that the diet is “too ridiculous to be covered.” Another wrote, “Yet another extreme diet. Sigh.”)

“Health care professionals” with the RD or RDN credentialed had their education bought and paid for by the USDA and big-Ag. The people who self-select for the dietetics credentialling process tend to be compliant and incurious; perfect mouthpieces for the establishment’s current system of “fiat food.”

And you can’t expect people of the system to be able to comprehend, let alone have a valid opinion on, a new way of doing things. Especially when their livelihoods depend on people being confused about what to eat — which carnivores are decidedly not.

Actually, a Bitcoin-level carnivore getting trapped in the same room as a dietitian could be the start of a really great comedy sketch. The IQ differential between the two would be so astronomical that communication would be nearly impossible, and there’d be plenty of predator/prey punnage to draw on.

Because you’ll (almost) never find a dietitan with this mindset:

“If someone is willing to say, ‘Oh hey, I’m into this thing that 90 percent of everyone says is dead wrong,’ then you’ve probably got yourself both a cryptocurrency fan and an all-meat dieter”

Personally, I haven’t stepped into the Bitcoin world yet, but I’m hoping to do so in the near future.