Hello and welcome to Batfort, which is currently the site of my one-year challenge to write whatever I want, every single day. Some of my favorite bloggers are quite eclectic, so I think I might be able to get away with it.

Fun fact: I go by “childlike empress” because The Neverending Story Pt II was my favorite movie when I was six-years-old and even now I secretly aspire to be Galadriel when I grow up.

You’ll find me writing about things like my carnivorous diet, Korean pop music, the business and politics of higher education, books, and my observations of the patterns of this world.

I’m interested in exploring the Truth as it relates to aesthetics, mankind’s endless capacity for free will and creative achievement, and having fun in all things. I love diving into the chaos of a new idea, and surfacing again with a shining pearl of clear thought.

Somehow I ended up with the spirit of an artist but the convictions of a traditionalist; it’s a really weird combination but I hope that my attempts at combining those seeming opposites can bring clarity to someone else.

If there’s something you’d like to see here, I’d love to know! Email me.