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Image of the week: random phone edition

I’m sure that if you’re anything like me, you save various amusing or informative pics from Twitter when they swim across your timeline.

Maybe you saw this one recently.

It made me chuckle.

It makes you laugh, because it’s a visual representation of the obvious joke that pointing out the truth (it’s okay to be white), is heresy to the modern orthodoxy.

But then, I start to think about how much of a “church” social justice has become. I start to think about the Catholic church before the reformation. How hierarchical it was. How corrupt it was. How obsessed with appearances it was.

It’s hard to think of SJWism as a “church,” because it is so loosely structured and doesn’t run our society in name. It certainly runs our society in many areas, and tries to squeeze itself into the areas that it hasn’t yet taken over. But it’s not institutionalized, not in the same way that the church was, so it’s easy to overlook. Or dismiss away.

The cardinals of SJWism don’t all wear the same fancy robes, nor do the acolytes. Rank-and-file SJWs tend to have distinctive modes of dress (the Tumblrina, the Soyboy, the Antifa), but the higher ranked officials often skate by because they look like every other globalist cuck politician.

The victim mentality also goes a great deal of effort to convince us that they’re the victims, of course they aren’t in charge or exerting any tyranny of the minority.

Other people have written more and better about SJWs than I ever will, but it’s fun to think about sometimes.

The memetics of milk and cereal

First, it was milk. (Thank you for that, Shia.)

Now, it’s cereal.

What’s next, cookies?


There are literal Hitlers under every bed and inside every closet, it seems.

Memes are becoming reality at an increasingly rapid pace.

The line between mindset and meatspace is becoming increasingly blurred.


Earlier this week, I was checking out kids books for a friend’s daughter.

There was a whole section of Berenstein Bears.

I couldn’t bear to check the spelling.


Think it, and it will exist.

Terrifying or exhilarating?

You get to decide.

The Alt-Hero We Deserve

I will admit, I’m not the hugest fan of comics. (Usually the stories are too simplistic and the art does nothing to further the plot or characterization.) I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn why other people like them so much, to no avail.

The visual mode of storytelling is intriguing, so I support them in theory, if not in fact. There are a few that I adore. WatchmenTintinHellboy.

But here’s the kicker: I’ve stopped reading any comic books at all these days because they’re so SJW converged. It seems like all comics these days are full of social justice this, gender bending that, all for GREAT JUSTICE (which we all know is code for “kick the white man”).

Enter Alt*Hero.

Vox Day and his crew at Castalia House have turned their evil eye toward superhero comics, and have cooked up a premise that promises to be entertaining even if it’s a little rough around the edges.

That floating star bugs the crap out of me tho

I like the idea of turning the concept of the EU into a superhero justice squad league (bad guys, of course). Alt*Hero looks to be in step with the spirit of the times, especially the rising backlash against central planning and soy and bugmen and Antifa.

The Freestartr for the project blew past the initial funding goal mere hours after the project was launched, which shows that there’s more of a market for alt-comics than I had initially thought. I figured it would get funded, but certainly not this fast.

If this project anything that’s even one-fifth as good as Watchmen, it’ll be worth it.

Tumblr, the alt-right, and me

As part of research for a project I’m working on, I went on Tumblr this afternoon.

(I haven’t been on Tumblr in ages. Tumblr is an SJW wasteland.)

And in Tumblr, I searched “alt-right.”

The results came back as pretty much what I would have expected. Lots of BLM posts, “punch Nazi” cartoons, and long impassioned rants about feelings. There are a few nationalist and traditionalist blogs on there, intrepid souls, which was a bit surprising and very uplifting. I got lost in Wrath of Gnon for a while.

Not a lot of nuance, especially with those related search terms: nazis, racism, white nationalism.

It was interesting watching my own emotional reaction to things as I scrolled through the post. Most it skewed toward “SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET,” related to the lack of nuance.

I’m of the school of thought that the alt-right is a big umbrella, with sub-groups underneath; the white nationalists/Nazi larpers are just one cluster of thought. There are others: traditionalists/Western Civilizationalists, omni-nationalists, and if you squint, the New Right and Proud Boy types.

The New Right and Proud Boys work hard to distance themselves from the alt-right, but that is because the left — with its total lack of nuance or care — has defined the alt-right as entirely neo-Nazi. Or perhaps that is Richard Spencer’s huge ego eclipsing everything and trying to bend all media coverage to itself.

In my opinion, the Spencerites play right into the left’s hand by accepting the idea of “white” identity. There is no white identity. It is an artificial bucket created in opposition to the “black” identity. To give any legitimacy to that false construct is a huge mistake. It lets the left dictate the frame of the argument.

Not that the left cares. They’re delighted, I’m sure, to have ready-made villains for their political theater.

What I have to learn is this: that trying to earnestly explain to people that not all of the alt-right is like that is not a helpful thing to do, and in fact will disperse my voice into the noisy background of pixels and bits on the internet. There may be a time for a dialectical discussion, but some random project on the internet is not it.

I need to focus on rhetoric, and hone rhetorical strategies that will dovetail with Tumblr themes but also hone in on chinks in the SJW armor.

I’m being vague about my project for now, because it’s still in the beginning stages, but I look forward to debuting it when the time is right.

Let’s just say I rediscovered Hugo-nominated author Chuck Tingle today as well. Delightful.

Stay nimble, my friends.

Art on the right

I’d love for there to be more explicitly conservative or right-leaning artists.

(Saying this without skin in the game, I know.)

But the gloves are now off.

If an entity declares itself for the right, the left-leaning support structure disappears.

This has been made clear by all the people getting kicked off PayPal, CloudFlare, domain registrars, etc.

Galleries are run by leftists.

Art directors are leftists.

The press is made up of leftists.

So to ask an artist to declare a side is asking them for the entire conventional source of promotion and income to dry up.

Is the right capable of supporting artists like this?

It’s one thing to establish the infrastructure, as Pax Dickinson has been discussing.

Infrastructure allows people the chance to sell their wares.

But will people buy?

That is a question.

Mullet hairstyle, come back now

You saw it here first: male mullets are making a comeback.

Stylists have inflicted three different versions on K-Pop idols in the past six months, so I’m betting that it’s only a matter of time before they catch on worldwide. Obviously.

First, example is this baby mullet on Taeil from rookie group NCT 127. It doesn’t come through in this photo, but his hair is a pretty cherry-brown color, with a small fringe down the back. Head on, this looks like a simple haircut with a focus on bangs, but when he turns his head, you get a mullet surprise.

Which is the whole point of a mullet, really. Business in the front, party in the back.

Next up is one of G-Dragon’s hairstyles for the MOTTE tour this summer. The shaved sides really set off the length in the back, and add more of a rock edge, almost verging into rockabilly territory.

via YG Entertainment

Less business, more “all party, all the time.” But it’s G-Dragon on tour, what else do you expect?

Finally, we have Baekhyun’s promo photos for EXO’s upcoming summer comeback. Speaking of rockabilly, we are verging closer and closer with this look.

via SM Entertainment

Baekhyun suits all sorts of looks–he’s such a chameleon–but this is especially great on him. The bangs are so feathery, and the long parts in the back frame his face and show off his jawline.

I’m ready for this style to catch (back) on in the States. I’ve speculated that the Trump era will become the Dark ’80s (as opposed to the actual, optimistic ’80s), so the time is ripe for a mullet comeback.

Is the mullet the evolution of the currently ubiquitous fashy haircut?

I vote yes.


This is not, of course, to forget the magnificent mullet formerly sported by @BakedAlaska, who just cut off his mullet into a fashy haircut. You’re going the wrong way–bring the mullet back!

via Baked’s instagram

(A moment of silence for our dearly departed: may it rest in peace.)


EDIT: Looks like All K-Pop published an article on mullets today too, with more examples. BRING IT BACK, BOYS!

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