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Image of the Week: “you can do it” edition

Originally, I was going to post that photo of Nikki Haley in the UN. It sufficiently summed up the week in politics. But it doesn’t jive with my personal experience for the week, so I’m not posting it.

This week has been long.

I’m growing tired of so much change in my life, and yet this week just piled on more: new boundaries to my conception of time thanks to the writing of Elliott Jaques, more layers to my understanding of the globalist cabal, the death by suicide of Kim Jong-Hyun of SM Entertainment (also YouTube’s algorithm keeps recommending me SHINee videos and it’s killing me) and changes at my workplace that will render me effectively isolated. I haven’t slept well. I’m tired.

But there’s good news. Reading between the lines of WordPress’ inflated pageview stats, a few real people have checked out Batfort this week. (Hi, people!)

Though I’m tired, I’m motivated.

So with that in mind, this is a photo of Jeff Bezos’ office when he was just starting out, in 1999.

I’m no Jeff Bezos, but we all have to start somewhere.

Image of the week: skywriting edition

It used to be my longstanding policy that if I ever became Supreme Dictator for Life, the only acceptable skywriting would read “SURRENDER DOROTHY.”


I will make an exception to that policy for the first thing that made me laugh today. This, right here:

I’m leaving in the boomercropping because it also brings me lulz

Apparently some Navy pilots in the Okanogan got really, really bored today.

There’s probably some larger point (heh) in there somewhere about trolls and discipline and the state of our country, but I’m going to ignore it and giggle and peace out for the night.

Happy Friday, y’all.

The memetics of milk and cereal

First, it was milk. (Thank you for that, Shia.)

Now, it’s cereal.

What’s next, cookies?


There are literal Hitlers under every bed and inside every closet, it seems.

Memes are becoming reality at an increasingly rapid pace.

The line between mindset and meatspace is becoming increasingly blurred.


Earlier this week, I was checking out kids books for a friend’s daughter.

There was a whole section of Berenstein Bears.

I couldn’t bear to check the spelling.


Think it, and it will exist.

Terrifying or exhilarating?

You get to decide.

Course Description: The Structure and Function of Conspiracy Theories

This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of theoretical conspiracies and their genesis, including: 1) types of conspiracy; 2) dynamic conspiricism as a worldview; 3) burden of proof and unfalsifiability; 4) the function of paranoia and other psychological phenomena in theory development, including the concepts of projection and epistemic bias; 5) socio-political origins, influence of critical theory, and the elucidated difference between institutional analysis; and 6) the political use of the term and its media tropes. Prerequisites: basic psychology, introduction to memery, Alex Jones studies.

Suggested reading:

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