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Water Only / No Shampoo

Excuse me, coming through, the most tantalizing of all hair ideals is about to plop in front of you:

Right? I, too, would like to be tan and blonde and Australian with perfect hair that keeps itself tied up.

Anyway, I’ve been trying out the “no-poo” method for a while now. Here’s a secret: there’s really no method. Some people use herbs, some use clay-based shampoos, some use oils, or baking soda and vinegar…and some just use water.

I’m currently on the soda/vinegar stage. My last attempt with clay was not successful–for whatever reason the clay just made my hair feel greasier. Then I would try to rinse with apple cider vinegar to feel a bit better, and it got worse not better. I’ll pass.

Because my diet is getting simpler–animal products–and will soon get even simpler than that–meat and water only, I see no reason not to make my haircare routine simple as well. I splurged on some products to make this “no-poo” thing work, but now I’m using cough-inducing amounts of dry shampoo in between washings to keep things looking clean, and adding all sorts of texture-adding products. Which, of course, require washing out.

I want something simple that makes my hair look the best.

Which leads us back to the perfect blonde hair in the video. I clicked on that one because she has a similar hair texture to me. I’ll never be blonde without a massive intervention of peroxide, but by gum maybe I can have perfect Australian hair.

I’m just going to dive right in to this crazy idea of washing my hair with water only. I’ve ordered a wooden comb to distribute the natural oils, and honestly I don’t want to look back.

Maybe by the time the NequalsMany study is over, my hair will have adapted!

Mullet hairstyle, come back now

You saw it here first: male mullets are making a comeback.

Stylists have inflicted three different versions on K-Pop idols in the past six months, so I’m betting that it’s only a matter of time before they catch on worldwide. Obviously.

First, example is this baby mullet on Taeil from rookie group NCT 127. It doesn’t come through in this photo, but his hair is a pretty cherry-brown color, with a small fringe down the back. Head on, this looks like a simple haircut with a focus on bangs, but when he turns his head, you get a mullet surprise.

Which is the whole point of a mullet, really. Business in the front, party in the back.

Next up is one of G-Dragon’s hairstyles for the MOTTE tour this summer. The shaved sides really set off the length in the back, and add more of a rock edge, almost verging into rockabilly territory.

via YG Entertainment

Less business, more “all party, all the time.” But it’s G-Dragon on tour, what else do you expect?

Finally, we have Baekhyun’s promo photos for EXO’s upcoming summer comeback. Speaking of rockabilly, we are verging closer and closer with this look.

via SM Entertainment

Baekhyun suits all sorts of looks–he’s such a chameleon–but this is especially great on him. The bangs are so feathery, and the long parts in the back frame his face and show off his jawline.

I’m ready for this style to catch (back) on in the States. I’ve speculated that the Trump era will become the Dark ’80s (as opposed to the actual, optimistic ’80s), so the time is ripe for a mullet comeback.

Is the mullet the evolution of the currently ubiquitous fashy haircut?

I vote yes.


This is not, of course, to forget the magnificent mullet formerly sported by @BakedAlaska, who just cut off his mullet into a fashy haircut. You’re going the wrong way–bring the mullet back!

via Baked’s instagram

(A moment of silence for our dearly departed: may it rest in peace.)


EDIT: Looks like All K-Pop published an article on mullets today too, with more examples. BRING IT BACK, BOYS!

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