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The Alt-Hero We Deserve

I will admit, I’m not the hugest fan of comics. (Usually the stories are too simplistic and the art does nothing to further the plot or characterization.) I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn why other people like them so much, to no avail.

The visual mode of storytelling is intriguing, so I support them in theory, if not in fact. There are a few that I adore. WatchmenTintinHellboy.

But here’s the kicker: I’ve stopped reading any comic books at all these days because they’re so SJW converged. It seems like all comics these days are full of social justice this, gender bending that, all for GREAT JUSTICE (which we all know is code for “kick the white man”).

Enter Alt*Hero.

Vox Day and his crew at Castalia House have turned their evil eye toward superhero comics, and have cooked up a premise that promises to be entertaining even if it’s a little rough around the edges.

That floating star bugs the crap out of me tho

I like the idea of turning the concept of the EU into a superhero justice squad league (bad guys, of course). Alt*Hero looks to be in step with the spirit of the times, especially the rising backlash against central planning and soy and bugmen and Antifa.

The Freestartr for the project blew past the initial funding goal mere hours after the project was launched, which shows that there’s more of a market for alt-comics than I had initially thought. I figured it would get funded, but certainly not this fast.

If this project anything that’s even one-fifth as good as Watchmen, it’ll be worth it.

Milo* actually does something funny: The Antifa Handbook

While I’m becoming less of a fan of Milo and his antics (the schtick is becoming too rehearsed for my taste; I hope he’s still reaching people but I’m so far down the rabbit hole to really connect with many of his ideas anymore), I’m a big fan of taxonomy-type illustrations and character sketches.

For instance, I’m delighted to find that Your Scene Sucks is still online, which I highly recommend if you want to relive the scene kid glory days of the 2006-2011 era. One of the featured types is even what I view to be a precursor to the topic of today’s post, the straight-edge mosher. I had a few friends in college who were like this, with the bandana-masked protest and the veganism.

Oh, and crustpunks. Never forget the crustpunk (not that you could if you smelled one).

Anyway, in honor of the Free Speech Week that may or may not be happening at Berkeley, Milo has released The Guide to Antifa. It’s a tongue-in-cheek taxonomy that in 10 years will send this year’s crop of college graduates into a nostalgic reverie about their college years, much like Your Scene Sucks did for me just now.


AIDS Skrillex is my favorite of the bunch, first broadcast by Owen Shroyer, named by /pol/ and lovingly depicted by the artist Vey. “AIDS Skrillex” is the most stupidly funny name; I hope that the channer who created it is proud of himself.

The SOY meme has been the best thing to come along for a while now (you know it’s good when you can use it offhand in a conversation with your parents and the track with it). Anything that can spread the word further is a good thing.

The more we can deride and laugh at Antifa types, the better. They tend to be incredibly self-important, so laughter gets to them in ways that “free speech” or self-defense moves at a legal public gathering never will.

* The handbook was written by Allum Bokhari, not Milo. Surprise, surprise.

Modern Renaissance

Every once in a while, you come across regular images that evoke an artistic spirit. These aren’t images where the photographer was trying to create “ART,” but simple photos that are nonetheless striking and aesthetically coherent.

One such photo was posted by the Portland Police’s East Precinct a few days ago. Officers were deployed to a Domino’s Pizza to stop drunk customers from fighting with the pizza people (who in their right mind would mess with the pizza people?), and someone snapped a pic.

The Domino’s, lonely in the night but lit from within like its trying to withstand the darkness, reminds me of an Edward Hopper painting. The saturated colors, the well-lit windows, the strategically placed figures and barely-lit cars in the parking lot, all evoke that lonely, desolate mood–that 2:00 am mood.

Sometimes I think of art as being completely fabricated by the artist, but this goes to show that good art–the kind of art that resonates–reflects reality. And the 2:00 am desolation is common across time periods.

Good composition is also common across time periods, and Antifa graciously arranged themselves into the golden ratio for this photo. David Burge remarked on Twitter about this “Renaissance painting of stupid,” and indeed, it is.

Don’t believe it?

Indeed, all the horrific things that Antifa throws, swings, drop-kicks, hurls, and spits wold not be out of place in a Bosch painting of hell. Modern hell, but instead of cracked out Medieval fever dreams, we have cracked out Postmodern feral rioters.

So thank you, Twitizens, for showing us that art can occur in the strangest of places, even among people who are actively destroying beautiful pieces of craftsmanship across the country. Say what you will about the Confederate statues, but most of them are beautifully rendered.

Perhaps someday we will have a grandiose statue or three commemorating the Battle(s) of Berkeley and the rout of Antifa.

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