Since it’s that time of year and all.

  • My new job that pays adult money
  • The car that was gifted to me at the perfect time
  • The safety and wellbeing of my family and extended family
  • K-pop
  • The new apartment that I’m beyond excited to start living in
  • The unexpected skincare bonus in the no-makeup foundation I just started using
  • The actual, real bodily healing that has resulted from my carnivore adventures
  • Jesus Christ, the resolver of paradoxes and firstborn from among the dead
  • MY LACK OF PSORIASIS, WHAT (see also: carnivore)
  • The fact that this is my blog and so I am not bound by the AP Stylebook or any other style–I can do what I want
  • How much less stress there is in my life now
  • Smallish regional chain stores that stock the best goods
  • Raw-milk cheese (see also: carnivore)
  • The rad Adidas hoodie that I’m wearing right now that kinda makes me feel like a superathletic medieval princess, courtesy of the employee discount provided by my previous employer
  • YouTube
  • Ears to hear, eyes to see, wisdom to discern
  • And, sleep.

With that, I bid you adieu and goodnight.