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Image of the week: Barron Trump edition

This kid has basically always been a meme. The low key kind, that you always find funny because they don’t burn themselves out.

Time traveling aside, he always seems to show up, never say anything, and yet sticks in out memories.

The kid has presence.


Image of the Week: Speaking of vaporwave in k-pop edition

I’m a bad publicist. EXO just released their winter album, so I should be shilling for that.

Instead, here’s a photo from the teaser from their Japan debut, which was released a month ago and scheduled for a month from now.

Please note: vaporwave.

Twice and EXO looking to have a Japan vaporwave showdown.

I’m here for that.


Happy last Friday of 2018, y’all.

Image of the week: deep (state) irony edition

This doesn’t appear to be fake news, but you never know.

Apparently a water fountain backed up at the EPA today which started spewing sewage into the hallway.

The deep state has infiltrated farther that we thought.

Image of the Week: Judgement edition

Because, really, what describes the current climate in Hollywood better than this?

Ten or so years ago, I was really into celebrity gossip. It was one of those short, intense addictions that I fell into because I like a constant stream of new information.

Twitter does that for me now.

Anyhow, most of it was garden-variety People magazine stuff, but I also gravitated toward the blind item sites like Crazy Days and Nights. That is, until I realized how sordid and awful a lot of the stuff was that I was reading about.

I didn’t quite make the connection to the real world.

Well, Crazy Days and Nights is back, and seems to be a player in helping to expose all of the awfulness and corruption in the entertainment industry.

Funny how things go full circe.

Also “funny” how LA is literally on fire right now.

Image of the week: random phone edition

I’m sure that if you’re anything like me, you save various amusing or informative pics from Twitter when they swim across your timeline.

Maybe you saw this one recently.

It made me chuckle.

It makes you laugh, because it’s a visual representation of the obvious joke that pointing out the truth (it’s okay to be white), is heresy to the modern orthodoxy.

But then, I start to think about how much of a “church” social justice has become. I start to think about the Catholic church before the reformation. How hierarchical it was. How corrupt it was. How obsessed with appearances it was.

It’s hard to think of SJWism as a “church,” because it is so loosely structured and doesn’t run our society in name. It certainly runs our society in many areas, and tries to squeeze itself into the areas that it hasn’t yet taken over. But it’s not institutionalized, not in the same way that the church was, so it’s easy to overlook. Or dismiss away.

The cardinals of SJWism don’t all wear the same fancy robes, nor do the acolytes. Rank-and-file SJWs tend to have distinctive modes of dress (the Tumblrina, the Soyboy, the Antifa), but the higher ranked officials often skate by because they look like every other globalist cuck politician.

The victim mentality also goes a great deal of effort to convince us that they’re the victims, of course they aren’t in charge or exerting any tyranny of the minority.

Other people have written more and better about SJWs than I ever will, but it’s fun to think about sometimes.

Image of the week: skywriting edition

It used to be my longstanding policy that if I ever became Supreme Dictator for Life, the only acceptable skywriting would read “SURRENDER DOROTHY.”


I will make an exception to that policy for the first thing that made me laugh today. This, right here:

I’m leaving in the boomercropping because it also brings me lulz

Apparently some Navy pilots in the Okanogan got really, really bored today.

There’s probably some larger point (heh) in there somewhere about trolls and discipline and the state of our country, but I’m going to ignore it and giggle and peace out for the night.

Happy Friday, y’all.

Photo of the week: I hate dating edition

Today’s photo of the week is brought to you by Tinder.

Yes, Tinder, the app where horny boys and girls (and the occasional sane person) go to be picky and judgmental.

As a new person in a new town with no friends, I don’t have much to do in the evenings, so I’ve been on Tinder a bit more often than usual.

And sometimes, when I forget that I need to swipe left on 99.99999999% of guys, I get absolutely inundated with messages.

Basically the digital version of this:

Girl, just chilling in a big ol’ sweater, surrounded by guys who are all contemplating swooping in for the kill but who are juuuust beta enough to not do anything about it.

Jack further comments “she’s a hostage.”

Honestly, that’s how Tinder feels most of the time. You start a conversation with a guy thinking he might be interesting, but it turns out that all he wants to do is send you Ron Burgundy gifs and talk about how good you look in that outfit in your profile pic. But it’s not just one guy, it’s five or six or ten guys at a time.

Which, it’s Tinder, so what do you expect really.

The point is, it’s the online equivalent of being trapped talking to a drunk, handsy guy at a bar. There’s not a great way to extract yourself from the situation without “being a bitch,” yet the longer you stay, the more miserable you become.

This is why I don’t date much, why I’m still single, and why I mostly prefer my own company — I have yet to find a romantic high that is worth the slog.

Mostly I’m waiting for that red pill guy to come along, and the depressing reality is that the world is full of normies.

Image of the week: Eat Your Meat edition

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about carnivory. (Mostly because I don’t want to wax poetic about poop on this blog but that’s another story for another day.)

One of the lines of argument that carnivores use against the constant cries that “you simply HAVE to eat vegetables!” is the anatomy argument. Where ruminants have 27 thousand different stomachs to digest all that grass, humans have one. Much like carnivores, we also have sharp teeth and high acid content in our stomachs.

There are lots of studies and arguments and graphs that show why humans are built more like carnivores than they are like herbivores. There’s plenty of anecdotal data (if you’ve ever read a vegan forum) of people’s digestive systems getting completely wrecked by a vegan diet. Again, statistics and numbers and arguments.

Then, there’s this:

A succinct argument in meme form. Boom, done. QED.

I can’t stop laughing.


On the personal front, switching to an all animal product diet has been one of the best decisions that I’ve made in recent years. I haven’t eaten a plant-based product for five months, and while healing is slow, it’s been fairly steady.

As I’ve searched for “natural” methods to control my autoimmune illness, I’ve focused (perhaps overly so) on diet. After a while, I felt like I could blame everything on what I ate. Taking a whole host of variables out of my diet has revealed how much variability in symptoms has absolutely nothing to do with what I eat. In fact, the lack of margin with food highlights just how much stress or lack of sleep impacts my health. I’m still terrible at exercising regularly, but I’m seeing a few glimmers of how exercise could provide some immediate, direct impacts.

My only diet-related issue is that I keep eating cheese. I have found that raw-milk cheddar is the best option, and eaten only in conjunction with meat. Otherwise, it doesn’t provide enough “matter” for my digestive system to tackle seriously.

Overall, though, no regrets. I may just be able to make it work without drugs. And that, my friends, I never thought that I could say.

Image of the week

The week in Twitter has been absolutely dominated by the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

Because I’ve also been thinking about “columns” for this blog, or some way to make content a little more coherent (perhaps that’s premature since I’ve not even hit 6 months posting yet?), I figured I’d make an “Image of the Week” idea. Part of the reason I started this blog was to push myself into more visual analysis, and I seem to be doing most of that in fashion and not in the visual world around us.

This image struck me as a good summary of the week, because it visually reads “Hollywood” but thematically reads “Lawsuit.”

The phrase “you may be entitled to financial compensation” takes me straight back to being sick on the couch as a kid, watching the daytime commercials for class-action lawsuits against mesothelioma during the breaks in The Price is Right.

This week has been a painful reminder that probably every “pop” culture thing that we like is tainted by someone’s pain or suffering (and not in the cathartic art way).

This week I also learned that it is Wine-steen, not Wine-stine. Oops.

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